Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Noticeably Southern Selections

Photo: Kady Dandeneau (far right) selected to all-Rookie team

by Andrew Bailey
Sports and Clubs Editor

Since the T-Wolf women’s team got a bye through the first round and the T-Wolf men’s team didn’t make the playoffs, the turn out for the BCCAA Provincial Basketball Championship opening ceremonies on Thursday, February 28th was low, very low. In fact if I had to ball-park the number of UNBC students in attendance I would guess two, and of course I’m counting myself and my photographer, International Club president and man for all seasons, Scott Beaton. As the team names were called out and the many players jogged on to the court to be recognized they looked up and realized that there was virtually nobody there to really, well, recognize them. The few fans that did turn out for the ceremonies were there to support other teams, most likely the women’s teams from Malaspina and Capilano as they were scheduled to play directly after the ceremonies were over. Therefore the crowd did not exactly erupt when the announcer called the home team UNBC Timberwolves onto the floor, but the women looked in high spirits nonetheless as they eyed up their opponents from the other 5 teams from around the province.
The ceremonies were brief, highlighted by the honouring of players who had earned All- Star status among the league. Among these players were UNBC’s own Kady Dandeneau who made the all rookie All-Star list, and Jaclyn Nazareno who made the first All-Star team. There are two All-Star teams, a first team and a second team, kind of like the A and B teams you remember from high school, Nazareno made the A team. I love it when a plan comes together.
Personally I think UNBC’s Laurel Wallace and Carlye Hickswere were grossly over-looked by the selection committee but maybe that’s just because I bleed green and gold. Victoria based Camosun College boasted the highest number of All-Stars selected from their women’s team with three players going to the second All-Star team and one going to the all rookie team. Vancouver based Langara College also had a strong showing as two of their women were selected to the first All-Star team and one to the all rookie team.
Camosun College also won the honour of having both their men’s and women’s coaches win coach of the year. The selection of Camosun College men’s coach Gord Thatcher was puzzling as many believed Jamie Oei would win the coach of the year award, hands down, as his Douglas College Royals completed the season un-defeated. I was personally shocked at the selection of Camosun College women’s coach Brett Westcott, which I think is ridiculous after watching him completely lose his composure here at UNBC, in a game his girls lost to Loralyn Murdoch’s UNBC Timberwolves. I’m going to chalk that selection up to the all encompassing southern bias as I strongly believe Murdoch is a much stronger coach than Westcott, but I’m not on the court, so what do I know? Now go support local businesses by heading downtown for some beer. Wait, didn’t we used to be able to drink beer up here?

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