Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Mr. & Mrs. UNBC Crowned

by Scott Beaton

March 7th saw a crowd assemble inside the Columbus Community Center in College Heights for a night of entertainment and to enjoy the ever popular samosas provided by the Spicy Green’s. After initial introductions the entertainment of the night ensued; but got off to a very rocky start as Scott Beaton’s attempt at humour drew boos and jeers from the judges. Warren Nicholls got everyone back through song and sheer expertise on the guitar. Highlights of the night include Angie Sackney, Mike Norris, and Spencer Lytle performing a skit involving unicorns and the ever-present search for Candy Mountain. Brian Schaan showed a contortionist talent that is normally reserved for yoga instructors and those in the circus. Nicole Winstanley performed a very well received belly dancing routine and was able to hypnotise the audience with the swirl that dominates her haircut. Soili Smith brought with her a small entourage of T-wolves from our championship basketball team and dazzled the crowd with her hair and the Marge Simpson-like ability to store items within her locks. Amanda Firth presented an ability to create 3D snowflakes but was upstaged during her talent portion by a team of backup dancers consisting of other contestants and a young girl who came out of the audience and subsequently won the award for Ms. Congeniality. The crowd best responded to Matt Church singing about Barack Obama to the tunes of My Sharona and from that, was able to raise $53 and win the people’s choice award, this was the sort of performance that belongs on youtube, if only someone had brought a video camera. The Northern spirit costume concluded the competitive part of the night as the audience was treated to a moose costume, a lumberjack costume, goalie gear, and a paperbag princess. During the costume contest competitors needed to answer a random question that ranged from thoughts of fair trade and American politics to ice cream and what the best thing to do in the snow is (we all know the answer is doing it, but this was a family event). As the night concluded the judges gave a final criticism for those who were not even close to winning and the crowns were passed from the old Mr. and Ms. UNBC to the new ones. Congratulations to Mike Norris and Nicole Winstanley, the winners for 2008.

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