Thursday, March 13, 2008

Math & Physics Society Symposium

By Simran Lehal
News Editor

The Math and Physics Society not only has MACE to call their own, but has also just successfully coordinated the biannual Math and Physics Symposium for all students on campus.
Talks ranged from proper origami folding to group theory to improving board quality in the forest industry with presenters from Alberta, Kamloops, and UNBC.
Dr. Matt Reid showcased how terahertz technology can be used to see-through objects and vaporize water without the heavy radiation of x-rays or the low resolution of microwaves. Potential applications include use in security screening, military devices, and wood product control.
Dr. Jennifer Hyndman articulated the science behind origami folding, using simple principles of geometry to demonstrate how paper-flaps can be used to create larger and larger shapes of highly-folded paper.
The well-attended talks were non-math/physics-major-friendly. Estimations averaged 20 attendees per discussion, with approximately 40% being non-math/physics major students.
Hal Friesen, the current president of the Math and Physics Society, feels “the symposium always brings together Society members, in part because of the work put into the event, and also brings out people who are just interested.”
The Math & Physics Society also puts on other discussions and social events throughout the year. Interested students wanting to be part can contact Friesen in MACE on the 2nd floor Teaching & Learning Building or at

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