Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Get Involved in International Elections

by Christina Bjorn-Hansen
No, we’re not talking about the race between Clinton and Obama, nor are we talking about the Russian presidential election to find a successor to Putin. We want YOU to come forward and either volunteer, or nominate and vote for someone else, to be a part of the 2008/2009 executive board of the International Studies Student Association (ISSA). Alright, it’s not exactly an international election, but how else would we get you to read this?
Don’t confuse us with the International Students Association, which we are not. However, I’m sure we have some things in common, like: being more than averagely interested when listening to the international news (or at least pretending to be), having a desire to travel and learn about other countries, speaking a second language (INTS majors have to, to get their degree), and, ironically enough, the executive board consists of mostly foreigners. Most importantly we, like many other clubs on campus, are having difficulties engaging YOU in YOUR events.
Our impression is that the student body (you) doesn’t seem to take interest in the variety of clubs that are available. Don’t forget that if you don’t use us, we will disappear. We are not here for us to have something to do, we are here to do the things you want us to do. As a student, I know that I can’t join every club that looks interesting or pay for every dinner, ski night, pub night, etc. that is offered. What I can do is take part in shaping my university experience, in school as well as out.
The ISSA is a student driven club that benefits anybody interested in international issues. We arrange a variety of academic and social events, where students and professors exchange ideas and get to know each other a little better. Giving everyone a chance to engage in discussions related to that little world going on, outside of Prince George, without being graded. As we also have the chance to air our ideas at the INTS program meetings, voicing student’s concerns about things like what courses are offered, what jobs are available, etc., we need to know what issues concern you.
Students who are Majors and Minors in International Studies are naturally the main body of the club. But it is open for all! Join our Facebook group, ‘UNBC ISSA’, and you can get more info about our ongoing activities and positions on the executive board that are up for election March 18th, or send us an e-mail at Upcoming events this month:
ISSA Elections: Tuesday, March 18th, 5pm – send an e-mail ( or join our facebook group ‘UNBC ISSA’, to show your interest and check out the available positions on the ISSA executive board.
Blood Drive:
For those who signed up in January, don’t forget to donate blood on either the 13th, 20th or 27th. Remember to say that you are from UNBC.

Other Social events:
Bowling night
Hot Pot Dinner
Movie Night
Other Academic events:
Various guest lectures from CIDA, Red Cross etc.
International Coffee Hour (starting fall, 2009)

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